A nice interview with Boxxy (of course faked :D)

Round a year ago this videos made the Internet wenting into chaos:

Well, ok, not the whole internet, but some homepages like …chan.org .

The Reason? Nobody knows really, at that time the videos were one year old and nothing more than a message from a girl with too much eyeliner for some of her friends at Gaia Online.

But she made this homepages run into chaos, some of them even called it „Civil War“, because there were two groups, one, who liked Boxxy all over and one, who wanted to stop her as soon as possible and with all the force they know.

And the internet pages went further more crazy, when some new information about „Boxxy“ were posted, some pics… everybody wondered where this pics came from. Until this:

The anonymous, as the users of this page calls themselves, were shocked: They were trolled by Boxxy herself. And so they went onto war against her. You know, anonymous hate nothing more than a victim, who knows to fight back. (Mostly because they are guys, who can only be cool in the internet, where they feel like gods, because they think, that they checking everything there.)

Well, one year has gone since the happenings… and what’s know? We asked Boxxy in a fictional interview herself.

Acme.Rad1o: Hello Boxxy. Or should I better call you Catie?

Boxxy: Boxxy. This is virtual life, not real life.

Acme.Rad1o: Ok, Boxxy. One year ago you made a short internet meme on some pages. And you even posted pictures by yourself. Why?

Boxxy: Because it was fun. Well, you must now, I also read this channels, mostly the Gaia Online and the Anime part, but then I saw: oh my god, somebody posted my video there… you know, the one for ANT, a guy from Gaia Online. And it was funny, how they reacted *lol*

Acme.Rad1o: You mean this typical behaviour, making remixes, fakes and so on out of your videos?

Boxxy: Yeah, exactly. You must know, I’ve seen this behaviour of then some times before, so it was not so confusing… But then I thought: Well, why not making fun by myself. Who can better confuse the anonymous with new information than me?

Acme.Rad1o: Well, nobody.

Boxxy: Right. And so I put on these funny Eyeliner one time more and made some new pictures and a video… and well, let me say so… it was real funny, acting one time more so crazy.

Acme.Rad1o: You only acted?

Boxxy: Of course. I’m not so new to the internet and so, that I don’t know how to play roles.

Acme.Rad1o: You played RPGs.

Boxxy: RIGHT… And Boxxy is one of my roles for the internet.

Acme.Rad1o: But then some guys came up with information of you from the real life. Like your address and real name and so…

Boxxy: Yeah. But nobody did something to me in the RL. These guys there at …chan are internet guys. In the internet they are crazy, they feel strong and so on. But in real life most of them can’t even hurt a fly.

Acme.Rad1o: But weren’t there posts of anonymous, who said that they are in your school and want to hurt you?

Boxxy: *lol* Yeah… my friends and me 😀 Well, in real life I’m a normal girl, with normal friends and so. And the guys from my school… well, it’s ok with them, and nobody would really hurt me.

Acme.Rad1o: So, all of it was a big fake, like LonelyGirl15?

Boxxy: NO! Lonelygirl15 is an actress… I’m a normal girl, who played a crazy character for some internet freaks. *lol*

Acme.Rad1o: How can you prove, that you’re in real life are not as crazy as in the videos?

Boxxy: Why must I prove it? Do anything changes, if I would try to prove it? No. So, Wayne.

Acme.Rad1o: But what’s now? Will you post new videos?

Boxxy: The one video for the anonymous was enough, I think. They reacted like I wanted it.

Acme.Rad1o: You wanted them to break in your accounts? Breaking into your Facebook and so on?

Boxxy: They didn’t broke into my main accounts… you remembered, the accounts were quite dead for quite a year before the anonymous thing? The role of Boxxy was meant as a one time thing, it was fun… I hadn’t use my accounts one year…

Acme.Rad1o: But they also break into accounts of your friends and so…

Boxxy: When you are in the internet, you should know that you are no time anonymous… and I knew it, I’d putted not much information into my accounts. So they had do work quite a long time until they got more of me than the Boxxy thinks.

Acme.Rad1o: So what do you do now?

Boxxy: Well, I’m surfing in the web, I have my Facebook and so on. But they have no relationship to Boxxy anymore.

Acme.Rad1o: Boxxy is dead?

Boxxy: Can you be dead in the internet? Boxxy idles… not more.

Acme.Rad1o: Thank you for this nice faked interview.

Boxxy: Thanks.

Boxxy, the internet meme of january 2009. Well, now at this fictional radio program some music from Ayumi Hamasaki, one of her most famous hits, Dearest from the anime Inu Yasha.

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